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Manifest your dreams with the Making Magick Mini Affirmation Cards by Priestess Moon. Designed to assist you in spellcraft and help you achieve your deepest heart’s desires, this mini deck includes 40-cards illustrated with Celtic charms, medieval amulets, sigil symbols, and alchemical glyphs, along with brief explanations on how each talisman can help you.

You can manifest wisdom, love, healing, protection, fortune, insight, and more with Making Magick Mini Cards. To unleash their potent powers, light a candle in front of your chosen symbol and let it work its magic. You can leave the card in a prominent viewpoint, carry it on your person, or use it as part of a crystal grid or traditional oracle to amplify the energy of each symbol. A magical gift for anyone seeking affirmation, these enchanting cards come beautifully presented in a pocket-sized box.


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