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Related to the Hemp Plant, Hops is a climbing perennial that grows abundantly in rural areas. A member of the Cannabaceae family, cultivated since the 11th Century to brew beer, it was once described as a ‘wicked weed’ by members of the British Parliament who believed it might endanger people, but that was before its medicinal benefits were truly understood.

Hops Strobile has natural anti-spasmodic properties that soothe menstrual pain, stomach cramps, and certain types of asthmas. It is also a powerful antiseptic and antibiotic, but it is perhaps best known for its sedative actions. A sachet placed inside a pillowcase is believed to calm the mind and encourage a good night’s sleep, and when blended with other herbs, it can be effective at reducing anxiety and stress. Our Hops Strobile is natural, organic, and extracted from the finest female plants.

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